It has been decided to take down the MUNGOMANIA website that I hope has served you so well for the last few years and return in due course with a brand new site, a little more 21st century and more in touch with MUNGO JERRY in 2013.

Thanks for your support to date and to quote the words of 'Arnie' - "WE WILL BE BACK!"

In the meantime, keep checking out the official MUNGO JERRY site to keep up to date with all of the latest news.Apollo Productions, Bournemouth with easier access to all things business and shop. I've had a sneak preview and it's looking great!



Just a quick bit of news while we ponder the websites future, our former bassist BOB DAISLEY's long awaited autobiography, 'FOR FACTS SAKE', which of course covers his time with MUNGO JERRY, is now available to buy.

You can order direct from Bob's website with an offer to purchase a signed copy open until the 28th of July.

Bob will also be doing a book signing in London between 2-4pm at the Vintage Guitar Emporium, New Kings Road on the 10th of August.


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